DAKINE 175cm Travel Bag (Padded w/ Wheels)

DAKINE 175cm Travel Bag (Padded w/ Wheels)

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DAKINE 175cm Travel Bag (Padded w/ Wheels)
IDEAL for Traveling to Spearfish!

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If you’re looking for a bag that will fit ALL your gear when going on a REAL excursion, look no further. This bag is durable and rugged. It is built for snowboarders but I find it ideal for traveling to spearfish. I personally took it on a 10 dive excursion through Costa Rica and Panama. It has three compartments unlike sport tubes which allowed me to organize my rigging materials, wetsuits and masks or other small gear within those three zippered sections. Inside the long, main, bag I carried 3 guns, 7 shafts, a pole spear, two sets of fins, two floats, two bungeys and two hardlines. The bag is excessively roomy. It’s water repellant and for getting on small transport boats it was ideal. Aside from the padded lining the bottom half of the bag has a backbone/shell to protect gear, so I had no fear of my trigger mechs or shafts being damaged.

The bag is all black and has dual compression straps keep bulk down.

Bag is in mint condition was only used on that one excursion and it stayed at the lodge/basecamp during our days out diving.

I personally love it, I am only selling it because I don’t see myself going on a long excursion for a while and it takes up too much closet space in my apartment. I’m sure I’ll regret selling it the day I plan another excursion or buy a snowboard.

Just a guy trying to buy and sell gear to try out different vendors and methods to see what works best for my individual style of hunting.